It all began with a bowl of rice


I grew up in Hong Kong but I’ve lived in London for far longer. Food has always been my way of staying connected to my Chinese roots. My family's approach to eating is a mish mash of cultures — we eat spaghetti with chopsticks, ketchup on our dumplings, and Chiu Chow chilli oil with just about everything!

I've been experimenting with my diet for years as a way to sustain a daily yoga practice and busy lifestyle. Taking notes from traditional Eastern vegan cooking, I’m drawn not just to the food itself, but also the philosophy and culture.

It strikes me that Chinese food is still misaligned in the West. “Full of MSG, too much meat, a cheap guilty pleasure”. Celestial Peach is a voice for de-mystifying Eastern flavours by showing how they are compatible with Western ideals of health.

I pursue simplification in all aspects of life — not easy in this fast-paced world. As with an attempt to live a little more off-the-grid in a big Western city, I constantly strive to make one bowl of plain rice perfectly satisfying and nourishing. I’m excited to soon share with you my own product range of ‘accessories for rice & more’.

Hope you find something in Celestial Peach that connects with your body and soul.