Celestial what?


Are you curious about the inspiration behind the name Celestial Peach?

Besides being an excuse to have a logo that looks like my dream rear end, it's a reference to the longevity peaches — a legend that every Chinese kid heard when growing up. It goes something like this…

A taste of immortality

In Chinese Taoist folklore, Goddess Xiwangmu lived in her palace on the mythological Mount Kunlun, where she was said to have grow an orchard of peach trees that bore peaches every three thousand years. Such peaches, once ripened, would bestow immortality and longevity on any human who ate them.

A cultural obsession

Longevity peaches have forever been a recurring motif of Chinese culture, adorning everything from ancient scrolls to celebration cakes and dim sum buns.

Longevity in the modern world

While immortality may not be achievable in this lifetime, through a philosophical and joyous approach to food, Celestial Peach aims to be a guide and inspiration for longevity in this modern world.