#ChineseFoodiesofIG: Wilson Tang, Nom Wah

Wilson Tang ( @dimsumnyc ) of  Nom Wah . Photo by Ximena Etchart.

Wilson Tang (@dimsumnyc) of Nom Wah. Photo by Ximena Etchart.

This is part of an ongoing series of interviews I’m doing with my favourite Chinese foodies that I follow on Instagram. Come and follow the #ChineseFoodiesofIG hashtag on Instagram and leave a comment showing your support for these talented folk!

Where are you from? Where are you really from?

I spent a lot of my childhood in Queens; I'm what you call a lifelong New Yorker. My dad is from Guangzhou, and there's this crazy story that he tells me where he swam across to get to Hong Kong. My mom is from Hong Kong.

What does Chinese food mean to you?

When you order, it's not just an entrée for yourself, but rather, something to share. So, in essence, Chinese food to me is a lot about connecting and experiencing each dish as a collective.

Dumpling or bao?

Dumplings all the way — you can always eat more than just a few in a sitting!

Ultimate noodle topping:

A crispy sunny side-up egg with a dollop of Lee Kum Kee XO Sauce.

Favourite Chinese vegetable?

Snow pea shoots, stir fried with garlic. It's so simple, yet so tasty. You know the saying, sometimes less is more!

What's in your fridge?

With two kids at home, the fridge is constantly stocked: milk, yogurt, little hummus snacks, various juices, baskets of fruits and veggies, all the sauces, and a lot of meats/fish fillets frozen from our Costco runs.

Hot sauce of choice:

It has to be the limited edition chilli oil from Junzi Kitchen; otherwise, Sriracha.

What would you like to tell the world about Chinese food?

There is a lot to it! Because it's so vast, there are so many different types of cuisines and cultures within China.


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